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Lauderdale MN – Garage Door Company

Local Garage Door Service in Lauderdale MN

Your garage door is often an overlooked yet crucial component. It’s not just a barrier to keep your vehicle and belongings secure; it’s also a vital part of your home’s aesthetics and functionality. All American Garage Door Company understands the importance of a well-maintained garage door. Our service include garage door installation, maintenance and repair services to the residents of Lauderdale, MN and the surrounding areas.

Common Garage Door Repair Issues

Here are some of the most common garage door problems we encounter:

Squeaky Springs: A Sign of Trouble

Squeaky springs can be a telltale sign of wear. Neglecting this issue can lead to further damage and even pose a safety hazard. In such cases, it’s best to contact a professional garage door technician to address the problem promptly.

Misaligned Tracks: The Silent Culprit

Misaligned tracks can cause your garage door to function improperly and even become stuck. It’s essential to inspect and realign the tracks if necessary to prevent further damage to your door.

The Importance of Safety Sensors

Modern garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that detect obstructions in the door’s path, preventing accidents and injuries. Regularly check these sensors to ensure they are functioning correctly.

Replacing Old Garage Door Openers

If your garage door opener is outdated or malfunctioning, consider investing in a new, more efficient model. Newer openers come with advanced security features and enhanced convenience.

There is no part of your garage door we can’t fix, from broken springs to dented panels — and most work can be done the same day you call!

Garage Door Installation In Lauderdale, MN

Installing a new garage door offers more than just upgraded features and functionality; it transforms the entire look of your home. As a prominent element at the front of your house, a boring garage door can negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. At All American Door, our professionals can transform your home’s appearance with a stylish, modern door with advanced features and a fresh look. Reach out to our experts to find the perfect door for your property!

Garage Door Spring Repair In Lauderdale, MN

The springs of your garage door are crucial for its operation, yet when they become compromised, the consequences can be severe. Improperly handling the springs can cause significant damage and grave injury. While the DIY approach may be tempting, for garage door spring repairs, we strongly advise letting our trained professionals at All American Door manage the situation to ensure safety and quality of work.

Garage Door Opener Repair In Lauderdale, MN

A malfunctioning garage door opener is more than an inconvenience; it can significantly disrupt access to your home. When seeking repairs, it’s essential to choose a company known for reliability and skilled workmanship. Established in 2005, All American Door leverages decades of experience to quickly resolve any opener issues, ensuring your garage door works as smoothly as you expect it to.

Contact us online or call (763) 244–1605 to schedule your garage door service!

Read our reviews below and find out why your neighbors consider us to be their nearby garage door service company in Lauderdale, MN. contact us to schedule!

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Anthony A.
Anthony A. Checked in
Garage Door Track Realignment: Arrived at a client's residence to address concerns about a garage door that struggled to close smoothly. Conducted a meticulous inspection and pinpointed misaligned tracks as the culprit. Employed precision techniques to realign the tracks, ensuring optimal alignment for seamless door movement, thereby enhancing safety and functionality.
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Jimmy S.
Jimmy S. Checked in
Garage door repair
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Austin D.
Austin D. Checked in
Garage Door Repair. Garage door sensor replacement. Received a service call from a homeowner experiencing issues with their garage door sensor. Inspected the sensor system and determined that the sensor was faulty, leading to inconsistent detection of obstacles. Safely disconnected power to the garage door opener system and removed the malfunctioning sensor. Installed a new, reliable sensor, precisely aligning it to ensure accurate detection and safe operation of the garage door. Conducted thorough testing to verify the functionality and responsiveness of the new sensor. Reconnected power and provided the homeowner with instructions on sensor maintenance and troubleshooting. The client expressed gratitude for the prompt replacement of the garage door sensor, restoring the smooth and safe operation of their garage door.
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Nate H.
Nate H. Checked in
Garage door free estimate
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Lauderdale, MN - Garage door free estimate garage door replacement Roseville Minnesota
Phil P.
Phil P. Checked in
Garage door free estimate garage door replacement Roseville Minnesota
Lauderdale, MN 55113
jeremy  h.
jeremy h. Checked in
Jeremy installed new garage door
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Caleb A.
Caleb A. Checked in
Garage door tune up
Lauderdale, MN 55113
Austin D.
Austin D. Checked in
Garage door tune up
Lauderdale, MN 55113
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