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Having issues with your garage door? Keep your belongings and vehicles safe with timely repairs. Knowing what types of problems to look for and understanding when an issue needs to be addressed is the first step to ensuring that your door is in good working order. Your team at All American Door Co. is ready to help with repairs at any time of day. We even offer 24-hour emergency services for residents throughout Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

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What are Common Garage Door Problems?

Your unit can be affected by a variety of issues.

One common issue is if your door simply won’t open. This could be the result of an electric line that has blown completely, or there might be something snagging the door so that it cannot open and close properly. The electronic components of your door may need repair over time, especially since this door is often out in the cold during the winter.

Some other issues to look out for include a door that is only opening a few inches before stopping entirely. This, again, may involve problems with electrical components, or an object sticking that is not allowing the door to open entirely.

A garage door that also makes too much humming or clattering noises when it is being opened or closed is a sign that the gear has tripped and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

What are Signs You Need Repair Or Replacement Services?

If your door can be repaired, versus having it replaced, we will try to repair it as effectively as possible. Simple repair work, such as a door that is having minor electrical issues or is having trouble opening because something is blocking it, can all be repaired easily by our experienced technicians.

But what if your door needs to be replaced? Major electrical issues, or a door that is completely smashed and damaged, will require a complete replacement. No need to worry, though—we will work with your budget to ensure that you receive a quality installation.

Professional repair and installation ensures that you will be able to continue living comfortably without having to worry about your broken door leaving your home wide open.