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Garage Door Off Tracks

Get Your Garage Door Back on Track in the Twin Cities

When your garage door is off of its tracks, your garage door will jam. This causes frustration as well as possible property damage. If your garage door comes off of its tracks, call All American Door Co. for professional same-day repair in the Twin City area.

It might be tempting to try to get your door back on track yourself but we recommend you call a professional. Your door can come off the tracks for many reasons and some require professional repair. Repairing your own garage door can be hazardous and cause serious injury.

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Garage Door Off Track FAQs

What are the risks of operating a garage door that is off its track?

Operating a garage door off its track can cause serious injuries, further damage the door, harm vehicles or property, compromise home security, and strain mechanical parts, leading to increased repair costs. It can also leave vehicles stranded and necessitate expensive emergency repairs. For safety and to avoid escalating costs, it’s crucial to stop using an off-track garage door immediately and seek professional repair services to address the issue efficiently and safely.

Why My Garage Door Came Off Its Tracks

One reason your garage door might come apart from the tracks is because you’ve hit the garage door with your vehicle. When you strike the door with your car, the bottom section of the door tends to take the brunt of the damage but the impact can cause damage to your entire garage door unit. 

Another reason garage doors come off of their tracks is that the tracks are bent or worn out. When the garage door is open the horizontal tracks bear all of the door’s weight, which can be up to 400 pounds. A small impact can cause the tracks to bend or break, especially if they are made of a lower grade steel. 

Worn out rollers can also lead to your garage door coming off the tracks. While your garage door can still work with one or two broken rollers, the additional stress to the other rollers causes them to get worn out. The extra weight can also cause the tracks to bend. 

Call All American Door When Your Door Is Off Its Tracks

If your garage door is off of its tracks, you should call for professional assistance immediately. Call us (763) 244–1605 as soon as possible to schedule an emergency repair for your garage door. We offer same-day service in the Twin City area. 


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