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Yearly Maintenance Enrollment

Garage Door Maintenance FAQs

How often do garage doors need maintenance?

Garage doors should receive a maintenance service once a year to ensure safe and efficient operation. Maintenance service and tune-ups help to keep your garage door functioning well all year long with no repairs or accidents.

What is included in yearly garage door maintenance?

The services included in your annual garage door maintenance include:

  • Visually inspecting the door as a whole.
  • Testing the balance of the door.
  • Making sure the auto-reverse safety is in working order.
  • Inspecting and replacing rollers.
  • Lubricating parts and tightening hardware.
  • Checking cables and tracks.
  • Buffing out scratches or dents.
How much does garage door maintenance cost?

Typically a garage door maintenance service costs between $100 - $300. But you can also save when you sign up for a scheduled maintenance plan. 

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