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Broken Rollers

Garage Door Roller Repair Service in the Twin Cities

When the rollers of your garage door are compromised, your door can’t travel smoothly along its tracks. When your rollers aren’t working properly, you should call the pros at All American Door for same-day broken roller repair service in the Twin City area. 

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Garage Door Roller FAQs

How do I know if my garage door rollers are bad?

The life expectancy for garage door rollers varies depending on the type of rollers you have. However, some signs yours will need to be replaced include:

  • Broken or worn-out rollers.
  • Screeching sound as the garage door moves.
  • The garage door is out of alignment.

All American Door offers a variety of garage door services including garage door roller repair and replacement services. Call us at (763) 244-1605 to get your rollers looked at today.

How often should a garage door be tuned up?

Garage door tune-ups can help to keep your door working properly and can help to prevent future damage. You should aim to have your garage door serviced once a year, but you may need to have it looked at sooner if you notice any signs of damage to any of the parts or your garage door starts vibrating or making excessive noise when in use.

Is your garage door in need of service? The experts at All American Door can help! Contact us today for additional information on our garage door services.

Is it worth replacing garage door rollers?

Yes, replacing garage door rollers can be worth it in many cases. Garage door rollers play a crucial role in the smooth operation of the door. Over time, rollers can wear out, become noisy, or get damaged, leading to issues such as uneven movement, jerky operation, or increased friction.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door roller?

On average it cost $100 to $350 for replacement rollers in and around Minneapolis. Some rollers work better with specific garage door openers. If your garage door has unusual features or tight access, the cost might be on the higher side.

Why Rollers Need To Be Replaced

Garage door rollers are what attach the door to the tracks and allow the door to open smoothly. The quality of your garage door rollers determines how often they need to be replaced. 

If you have builder grade rollers, your garage door rollers should be replaced after about two years because they do not have ball bearings and can wear out rapidly. Upgraded rollers are usually made of nylon and have ball bearings inside of the rollers.

How To Tell When You Need Garage Door Roller Repair

When the rollers are wearing out, you’ll hear a loud squealing or screeching sound as the garage door moves. 

Your rollers should be inspected every year and lubricated at least twice a year. Keeping them properly lubricated and maintained will extend the life of the roller and save you money on roller repair and replacement costs.

Call All American Door to Replace Your Garage Rollers

When your rollers aren’t working properly, your door won’t open or close properly. Call All American Door (763) 244–1605 to look at and possibly replace your rollers today. 

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