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Types of Garage Doors
Types of Garage Doors

Timberland Collection

Types of Garage Doors

Northwoods Prestige

Garages can make up as much as 40 percent of a home’s surface, which is why it’s important to choose a door that blends in well with the rest of the exterior. Aside from appearance, the ideal garage door should provide the stability and durability needed to resist structural damage caused by accidents or severe weather conditions. All American Door Co. provides a number of quality units for every need. We serve residents throughout Minneapolis and nearby areas.

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What are the Different Garage Door Styles?

The carriage house style features double doors that open from the center, giving a classic look to contemporary architecture.

Raised panel styles are more common, with a single door divided into even sections that often feature a row of windows at the top.

Some homeowners even opt for frosted or fogged windows to provide a modern look to older exteriors.

We will help you choose the right style to give your home just the right look.

What Materials Should You Use?

  • Aluminum Doors: Doors made of aluminum are naturally resistant to corrosion. Aluminum doors are lighter and easier to open compared to steel, but they are also more susceptible to bumps and dents. In comparison to other types, aluminum doors are much less expensive.
  • Wood Doors: Wooden doors offer a variety of designs and accents when compared to steel doors. They can be fitted with unique window patterns or carved designs. They can also be installed in the carriage house style. Wooden garage doors tend to cost more than standard steel doors. They are also heavier and will put more strain on the opening mechanism.

What About Insulation?

Two-layer steel doors feature a steel skin combined with an insulation layer to provide reduced noise and temperature comfort.

Commonly used for commercial garages, three-layer sandwich insulated doors are built for strength with steel shells bonded to internal layers of insulation. They offer enhanced temperature control and durability, in addition to improved energy efficiency.