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Garage Door Opener Installation

When you’re looking to replace your garage door opener, there’s no one better to call than All American Door in and around Minneapolis. We are your trusted local source for garage door repair service and specialize in both residential and commercial garage door opener service and installation. As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering top-notch service with integrity. Homeowners have trusted us to meet all their garage door needs since 2005.

Call us today (763) 244–1605 for garage door opener replacement service in Minneapolis and the surrounding area. 

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Common Problems with Garage Door Openers

Think about how often you use your garage door opener each day. Your garage door opener operates several times each day for several years without issue. One thing that can cause an issue with a garage door opener’s components is a broken torsion spring.

The torsion spring is a coil that runs over the door horizontally and does a lot of the heavy lifting during the opening process. Cold temperatures in Minneapolis can cause garage door springs to become brittle and prone to breaking. Broken springs can affect the smooth operation of the door and may require professional replacement. Your opener will need to be replaced if there are torsion spring issues. It’s extremely dangerous to remove the torsion spring because of the amount of tension in the spring. 

Here are some other opener issues homeowners can experience:

  • Photo-eye Alignment Problems: the photo-eye sensors may become misaligned, preventing the garage door from closing properly. This is a common safety feature, and misalignment can occur due to vibrations or accidental bumps.
  • Weather Stripping Wear and Tear: harsh weather conditions, including cold winters and humid summers, can lead to the deterioration of weather stripping around the garage door. Damaged weather stripping can result in energy loss and may allow water or pests to enter the garage.
  • Remote Control Issues: issues may include a weak or dead battery, signal interference, or programming errors. Troubleshooting the remote control and reprogramming it can often resolve these issues.
  • Lubrication and Maintenance: cold temperatures can cause lubricants to thicken, leading to poor garage door performance. Regular lubrication and maintenance are essential to ensure smooth operation, especially in Minneapolis where extreme temperatures are common.
  • Track Misalignment: temperature fluctuations can cause the metal components of the garage door system to expand and contract. This can result in track misalignment, causing the door to operate unevenly or get stuck.
  • Opener Motor Issues: the motor in the garage door opener may experience problems, such as overheating or electrical issues. Regular inspection of the motor and its components is crucial for identifying and addressing potential problems.
  • Cables Off the Drum: cold weather can affect the tension in the garage door cables, leading to them coming off the drum. This can cause the door to become unbalanced and may pose a safety risk.
  • Sensor Wiring Problems: wiring issues with the garage door opener sensors can occur, leading to a malfunction in the safety features. Regular inspection of sensor wiring and connections is essential to ensure proper functioning.
  • Remote Keypad Malfunctions: the outdoor keypad that allows entry without a remote can experience malfunctions, such as unresponsiveness or errors in code entry. Checking the keypad's battery and reprogramming it can often resolve these issues.

It's important for homeowners to address these common garage door opener issues promptly to ensure the safety, security, and smooth operation of their garage doors, especially with our local weather conditions in the Minneapolis area.

Garage Door Opener Installation FAQs

Can you install a garage door opener yourself?

If you have the proper tools, knowledge and experience, it is possible to install a garage door opener yourself. However, we don’t recommend it. With professional installation, you can be sure your garage door opener will be installed correctly the first time. Professional installation will also be necessary if any door adjustments are needed to accommodate the new garage door opener.

How long does it take to install a garage door opener near Minneapolis?

The average amount of time needed to install a garage door opener near Minneapolis is 4-6 hours, but this time can vary based on factors like the weather, the complexity of the installation and whether you’re installing a brand new garage door opener or replacing an old one. Typically, replacement of an old garage door opener will take less time than a first-time installation.

Is a belt or chain garage door opener better?

Chain drive openers are known for being tough and budget-friendly. However, they can be a bit noisy. On the other hand, belt drive openers offer a quieter operation but come with a higher price tag. So the answer depends on your personal preference.

How much does it cost to replace a garage door opener?

The average cost to install or replace a garage door opener near Minneapolis ranges from $200 - $550. The factors that affect the costs include the opener type, horsepower needed and any extra features if selected.

Will my existing garage door be compatible with a new opener?

In most cases, modern garage door openers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of garage door styles and sizes. However, it's essential to consult with a professional installer who can assess your specific situation and recommend the most suitable opener for your existing door.

Different Types of Openers

There are different kinds of garage door opener systems. The standard system uses a torsion spring to lift the door but motorized systems offer more power, convenience and flexibility. 

Most units use either a chain, screw or belt drive. Screw systems are not recommended in cold Minnesota climates. Chain drive systems make more noise when used but won’t need to be replaced. Belt drive systems are designed to make less noise and require less maintenance. 

Get a New Garage Door Opener in Minneapolis

Looking for professional garage door opener installation? The experts at All American Door will make sure that your opener is installed properly so you don’t have to deal with problems over time. We service residents throughout the Twin Cities.

Call All American Door at (763) 244–1605 to get your garage door opener replaced today.

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