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Read on for signs you may need a new opener.

What are Common Problems With Garage Door Openers?

The average opener is used thousands of times each year! Most units will operate for several years before there are mechanical problems. Although a garage door opener has many components, the weakest component is the torsion spring.

An opener may need replacement if the door has torsion spring issues. The torsion spring is a coil that runs over the door horizontally and does a lot of heavy lifting. During replacement the spring must be removed; removing the spring is dangerous because of the tension.

In some cases, the entire unit will not need to be replaced. Some problems are caused by an inefficient remote unit. This unit operates using a radio code. The code transmits to the motor to make it run. Although the motor does not have a lot of horsepower it is important because it operates the drive system. The spring tension functions by pulling the door on tracks. The motor, however, can have issues. It has advanced parts that require professional maintenance services.

What are the Different Types of Openers?

There are many kinds of garage door opener systems. A standard garage door uses a torsion spring lifts the door. However, a motorized garage door system offers more power convenience and flexibility.

Most units use either a chain, screw, or belt drive. We do not recommend screw drive systems in cold Minnesota climates. Although a chain drive system makes more noise when it is used, the system will not need to be replaced. A belt drive system is designed to make less noise and require less maintenance. However, if a garage door is over twelve years old and it makes a lot of noises or giving your problems, buying a replacement unit is often recommended.