Garage Door Repair in Minneapolis–Saint Paul

Get the right solution to your garage door problems with professional repairs. Call (612) 235-7650 for service in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

At All American Door Co., we understand just how important it is for you to have a dependable garage door, no matter the season or weather. That’s why we provide top notch garage door repair services for residents throughout Minneapolis and nearby areas. Need help immediately? We also provide 24-hour emergency garage door repairs.

Need To Garage Door Repair Panels or Hinges?

Your garage door may be due for a repair. We will help you fix damaged or broken garage door hinges and repair any dents.

Whether it’s the result of aging or an unfortunate accident, hinges can bind, break, or require adjustments in order to work properly again.

Garage Door Repair

It is also common for panels to become dented or completely destroyed. While small dents will not affect your door’s performance, a professional garage door repair will improve your curb appeal and help make your home look well cared for.

If the panels are damaged and leave your garage door inoperable, our technicians will repair or replace the affected sections in a timely manner.

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Our experienced technicians are up to date on the latest garage door repair procedures. We provide thorough garage door inspections that are designed to make sure your unit is always safe to operate.

If you are having trouble opening or closing your door, contact us to have your problem solved quickly. Addressing small issues today will help you avoid unfortunate and costly problems down the road.

Whether it’s fluctuations in temperature, poor maintenance, or a simple question of aging, our team of professionals will carry out the proper adjustments and put your garage door back to work.