Garage Door Panel Replacement in Minneapolis–Saint Paul

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Panels are offered in various designs. When problems occur, replacement or repair services are recommended. Our technicians understand how to replace all types of garage door panels.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

What Are Signs Your Garage Door Panel Needs Replacement?

If your door has a major dent, professional replacement will be needed.

Although panels are designed with strong and durable materials, problems can occur. Some garage door panels are made of wood. Over time, the wood will rot from age and exposure to the elements.

Another common material is metal. Metal, however, can weaken over time or turn rusty.

Many doors are made of aluminum, and removing a dent will be challenging without professional help.

Most broken panels can be repaired by our technicians. If repairs are not possible, our technicians will recommended replacement. Your technician will handle each panel using the safest procedures.

What are the Different Designs Available?

Garage door panels are offered as stock, semi-custom, and custom doors.

Stock doors are available in many designs without glass.

A wooden door that is designed for a two-car garage is made of Masonite or pressed wood. This kind of door is ready for paint.

The material that is used to design a door can also affect the overall price. For example, a steel garage door costs more than a wooden one. Semi-custom doors provide more options, and you can choose from different panel styles and designs.

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